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  • Wallin, Paul
    et al.
    Martinsson-Wallin, Helene
    Gothemshammar: a late Bronze Age coastal rampart on Gotland2018In: Fornvännen, ISSN 0015-7813, E-ISSN 1404-9430, Vol. 113, no 2, p. 65-75Article in journal (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    This paper reports the results of a project aiming to use survey and excavation ofthe Gothemshammar rampart in a digital reconstruction to understand the site inits original landscape setting. Excavations uncovered internal construction detailsand dateable materials from domestic animals and charcoal. Fifteen AMS datesindicate that the rampart was built and used in the Late Bronze Age, c. 950–700 calAD.Its northern end is situated at a steep scarp towards the current sea shore, andthe southern end is in an open slightly sloping terrain, currently about a kilometrefrom the sea. LiDAR data and an up-to-date shoreline displacement model indicatethat the seashore was about 10 m higher when the rampart was built and used thanit is today. The landscape reconstruction shows that the rampart originally cut offa headland on an islet that was strategically located at the mouth of an inland watersystem.To further understand the site’s Bronze Age context we made a spatial analysisof features tied to the same time frame, including other monumental structures(stone ships, burial cairns, other ramparts/enclosures) and metalwork hoards. Itbecame evident that all kinds of monuments were mainly located close to the seashore on capes and islets. We could also see that the monuments, especially thestone ships, were mostly on the north shore of the ancient waterway and that itsentry/exit where Gothemshammar is situated served as an important control pointfor travel into Gotland as well as overseas.